Public Health & Environment

Head of Department – Ms Xolile Maphanga

The Ezulwini Town Council through its Public Health and Environment Department is responsible for protecting and improving the quality of life of the public and the community by continuously improving the quality of the environment in which they live in. This includes amongst others: public health protection, waste management, nuisance abatement, and food safety management and pollution prevention.

“Public Health aims to improve the quality of life in Ezulwini community through prevention and treatment of diseases, including mental health. This is done through the surveillance of cases and health indicators, and through promotion of healthy behaviors” – Ms Xolile Maphanga


Waste and Environmental Management Action Plan

The office was able to finish the drafting of waste management plan and environmental management action plan for Ezulwini town council. SHERQ Professionals assisted the Municipality in drafting the documents which were then submitted to the Swaziland Environment Authority for their input and approval.  SEA approved the documents and the Municipality will adopt and implement both plans and implement them in the year 2017/2018.

The WMP and EMP will assist the Public Health and Environment Department in implementing its objectives of conserving the environment and managing waste in the urban area.

Waste Management

The Office manages residential and commercial waste. Residential waste is mainly collected from the homesteads while commercial waste is collected from hotels, Offices and the major commercial centres which are the Gables and the Corner Plaza. Waste generated in Ezulwini is disposed off- at the Matsapha Town Council landfill since the Town does not have its own disposal area. Not having such a site becomes a challenge for the Municipality as the town is developing and the population coming to Ezulwini has increased significantly. The landfill in Matsapha is heavily loaded and running out of space to accommodate waste generated in Matsapha.

The office can highlight that the rate for disposing off- waste has increased due to the shortage of space in the landfill. This has caused the Municipality to increase its rate for commercial waste disposal. Ezulwini is also a fast developing town with a lot of construction going on, this has also caused a significant increase in the amount of waste disposed-off.

Key goals and objectives

Ensures every development in Matsapha complies with Matsapha Town Council development code which is the Town Planning scheme, Building act of 1968 and the Building Standards and regulations of 1968.

Food Handlers Safety and Hygiene Seminar

The Municipality hosted a Food Safety and Hygiene seminar on the 27th of February 2018 at the SWSC Auditorium.  The seminar had a good attendance as compared to the previous years.

Dog Vaccination Campaign

In order to prevent the transmission of the zoonotic diseases rabies the Municipality together with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary department hosted a vaccination campaign for domestic pets in October 2017. Residents from various places in town brought their cats and dogs for vaccination

Clean up Activities - Mvutjini Clean Up Campaign (July 2017)

The country through His Majesty King Mswati III was the chairperson of Southern African Development Community (SADC) and therefore the country hosted various leaders from then southern Africa. Ezulwini was privileged with accommodating all the head of state during the Summit. The Municipality ensured that the Town and surroundings were kept clean for its visitors.

The Municipality, assisted Nshakabili community and Mvutjini Parish Youth by providing refuse bags and a skip bin for disposing-off the waste collected during the clean-up campaign which was scheduled for July 2017, in preparation for the SADC summit.

Public Health Department Officials