Town Planning

Head of Department – Ms Zwakele Dlamini

Ezulwini is one of Eswatini’s fastest growing municipalities and the country’s development hub. For this reason the Ezulwini Municipality is tasked with regulating new land uses so as not to diminish existing or future investments into the municipality. The regulating of land uses should be done while promoting entrepreneur-ism, employment creation and innovation, therein lies the challenge.

“The Municipality has a programme for clearing
public open spaces to ensure these do not pose a threat to neighbouring properties by housing potential harm and further to ensure they maybe usable to residents within the town. The purpose of town planning is to protect and/or improve the commonwealth of Ezulwini community. The objectives are to protect the environment, improve public health and safety, and increase the wealth of choices available to each and every community member The inevitable result of the best efforts of planners is a city that promotes the well being of its citizens, reinforces democratic institutions and permits purposeful satisfying lifestyles” – Ms Zwakele Dlamini


Approval of Town Planning Scheme

The Ezulwini Municipality’s Town planning Scheme was finally approved as per the government gazette January 2018.
The document or volumes thereof may now be purchased at printing costs of E1200 per hard copy volume and E 500 for a soft copy. Below is the current zoning map for the town.

Land use management

The following is a discussion of land use management applications that were received and processed by the town planning department during the 12 months period.

  1. Two (2) Home Occupations Applications were received, processed and approved during the period. These in line with the Ezulwini Home Occupations Code, 2011 were mainly administrative, added value to a neighbourhood and remained ancillary to the main use which is residential.
  2. There were three (3) rezoning applications received and upon consideration, Council approved all three applications.
  3. There was one (1) variation application received and approved. These were considered on merit and generally had to do with requests to accommodate unique design aspects or specific needs of residents.
  4. There was one new application for human settlements in the 12 months period.
    This is the application for a third phase of the Mantenga Township residential developments.
  5. There were a total of six (6) Special Consent applications, from residents seeking to use portions of their homes for land-uses other than those permitted as a matter of right.

Current updates

Emerging Interests

Urban Villages – Also observed was an increased interest in establishing self contained “urban villages” within Ezulwini. These are urban planning concepts which are aimed at creating humane, sustainable and mixed use urban living. They usually entail establishing schools, offices, retail outlets and healthcare centres within one development. An example of the “Urban Village” concept is Melrose Arch in South Africa. Several proposals of these concepts have been received by the department from various local and international property developers. The municipality is disadvantaged because of not owning land to better fast track or facilitate such proposals. All the office could do on receipt of an urban village proposal was to arrange and facilitate meetings between the property owners and the developing entity.

Churches – There was an increased interest in land for establishing churches and places of public worship which led the Municipality to develop a policy which is aimed at regulating and guiding the establishment of churches in the municipality. The municipality does not have land designated for use by churches, however churches may be permitted by special consent in all the  residential districts.

Handicrafts market get a Facelift

The Office was approached by a resident with a proposal to improve the appearance of the hand-craft market structure. The office facilitated a meeting with the Ezulwini Handicraft Market Committee during which the beautification project was proposed. The project was sponsored by Swazi’s anthropological wing, Yebo Art reach and Star-paint (Pty) Ltd. It entailed painting of wall art, the planting of trees within the market and providing much needed signage directing visitors to the hand craft market. The Municipality commends such collaborations to assist local small and medium enterprises.

GIS Training for Department Managers

The municipality engaged Datamatics (Pty) LTD as the service provider for GIS services for the 2017/18 Financial year. One of the services provided by Datamatics (Pty) LTD during the financial year was training management on GIS and focusing on how GIS can improve efficiency in service provision in each department and in the municipality as a whole.
The training workshop was conducted at Lugogo Sun, in Ezulwini. A total of eight participants were trained from the Town Planning, Engineering, Health and Finance
departments. Training commenced on the 5th to the 9th of March 2018. Practicals in the training programme entailed training the participants on GPS data collection of the Municipal infrastructure data as well as basic skills of GIS data manipulation to produce desired maps.

Park Clearing and maintenance

  • Lot 37Mountainview Township
  • Lot 38 Mountain view Township
  • Lot 45 Goje Township
  • Lot 1 Thembelisha Township
  • Lot 52 Mukela Township
  • Lot 31 Ekuthuleni Township
  • Lots 132,130, 131 and 129 Mantenga Township
  • Lot 38 Spintex Township

Town Planning Department Officials