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Published On: 02/08/2023




The Voter’s registration has already started in the Local Council, running till 24 February 2023. The government of Eswatini is structured in a three-tier system, Where Town Councils sit in the third tier, governed by the Urban Government Act of 1961, with attempts to bring the government closer to the people. Urban local authorities assume power through elections and appointments. The Minister of Housing and Urban Development declares the composition of the council, where in Town Councils, four Councillors are elected and two are appointed with the term of office as 5 years. The election and appointment of Councillors are guided by section 226 of the Constitution and the Urban government Election’s regulations.


What qualifies one to vote?


Swazi citizens above 18 years of age

  • Owner of the property
  • Is a Joint owner of a property in the Town.
  • Has legally resided in the town for at least 6 months.
  • Has legally carried out business in the town for at least 6 months
  • Juristic Person Representative
  • NOTE: An owner of a property does not necessarily have to reside in the town.


Disqualification of voters?


  • Is an unrehabilitated insolvent.
  • Mentally disturbed
  • Is certified to be of unsound mind
  • Has been convicted of an offense and sentenced to 12 months or more unless has been completed 3 years after the release.


Registration Requirements;


  • Eswatini Identity Document
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of immovable property (Title deed)
  • Marriage certificate in case of a spouse who is the occupier
  • Proof of authority for juristic person representative (Minutes of shareholders and resolution appointing juristic person & letter.
  • NOTE: Working in town but staying outside town does not qualify one to register to vote (Only physical boundaries are considered).


Our Registration Stations;


  • Total filling Station
  • Corner Plaza
  • Ezulwini Post Office
  • Ezulwini Handicraft Market
  • Ezulwini Municipal Offices