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Published On: 08/15/2022


Ezulwini Municipality has successfully conducted a Disaster Risk Assessment to identify the types of disasters as well as areas which are susceptible to disasters within the town. A Disaster Risk Management Plan has been compiled to address the identified risks. This plan was officially presented, for review and validation, to the Municipal stakeholders on August 05th, 2022 during a Stakeholder Breakfast Meeting held at the Happy Valley Hotel in Ezulwini.

The plan was presented in 3 volumes which are as follows:

  • VOLUME 1: Governance and institutional arrangements for disaster risk reduction in Ezulwini.
  • VOLUME 2: Disaster risk assessment and risk profile for Ezulwini.
  • VOLUME 3: Disaster risk management response and recovery plans for priority hazards.

The Disaster Management Plan was developed by a tender-awarded consultant, the Institute of Development and Management (IDM), in a joint venture with the Northwest University (NWU). This was in fulfilment of the Council’s Integrated Development Plan (2019 - 2049) Strategic Objective number 8 and 9. The profiling of disasters in the town will assist in reducing risks and impacts of disasters as well as build the resilience for sustainable development.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) appreciated the Council for developing the Disaster Risk Management Plan and understanding risks in the town. Meanwhile, Professor Livhuwani Nemakonde from NWU also extended his appreciation to the Municipality for the opportunity and guidance from the CEO and Ezulwini staff throughout the development of the Disaster Management Plan. He commended the Council for its leadership in supporting the development of the Disaster Risk Management Plan. The different stakeholders shared their expectations and insights on the Disaster Management Plan, these include other municipalities, residents and ratepayers, business community and utility providers.